Q.Why doesn’t my username/password work?
A. When launching the new website we decided to start with a clean slate, there were over 3000 user accounts in the old site. Many accounts were from non club members who signed up once and never visited the site again. Other accounts were from spammers. We wanted to legitimately remove those accounts and clean up the backend. Plus, it only takes 1 min to register, we didn’t think you’d mind.
Q. Can I use the same username and password I used on the old site.
A. Potentially, although user accounts did not carry over, you can re-register your account with the same credentials you previously used.
Q. How do I upload a profile image for my account?
A. The new website uses a web service called ‘Gravatar’ to manage user profile images. Your Gravatar is an image that follows you from site to site appearing beside your name when you do things like comment or post on a blog. Simply register a Gravatar account with the same email address you used for your WCC account, upload an image and it will automatically be linked up to any content you post. http://gravatar.com
Q. What happened to all the previous posts in the Forums?
A. New website, new forum – but not all is lost!! We’ve taken the liberty of archiving the old forums for your viewing pleasure. On the right hand side of the forum section is a grey button that will take you to the archive. This archive is in read only format so no new content can be added to it. You can also directly access the archive by visiting http://archive.waterloocyclingclub.ca/forum
Q. What’s the deal with the Trail Status?
A. The trail status has moved to Twitter! This will allow riders to check the status from mobile devices without having to visit the website each time. (follow @WCCTrails) There is a trail status feed on the right hand sidebar of the home page, as well as any of the MTB section pages. This feed pulls directly from the twitter account, best of both worlds!
Q. What happened to the Trails Time Trial?
A. Unfortunately the time trials didn’t carry over to the new site. This is on our project list for future development. Plans are in the works to create a time trial section where riders can tweet (possibly text as well) their results and have them automatically posted. There may also be consideration for Strava integration. (check out http://strava.com) Fear not, we haven’t forgot about you, but all development is done on limited volunteer time so be patient.
Q. So, what’s new?
A. We’ve strived to get the WCC to be more social! This includes channels such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Members can share their photos on Facebook, get notified about events and trail status updates via Twitter (including sponsor deals!!) and also check out various rides recorded with the new club GoPro from our YouTube channel!

A new Performance Tips section has been created where articles will be posted throughout the year by club members who happen to be certified fitness trainers and instructors. (Kelly Ellis from Northfield is our first contributor.) Topics ranging from training plans, workout exercises, injury prevention and even nutrition will be discussed. Look forward to some really useful stuff in this section!

In each channel (road, mtb, touring, etc..) there is a News / Blog feed. While all news entries show up on the front page for all to see, it is also categorized and viewing a channel’s news section will limit the feed to only posts applicable to the specific channel you’re looking at. Because the word Blog is thrown in there, there will be occasional posts from selected contributors about recent events and experiences. Ride the Tour de Waterloo and have a great story you really want to share with the club? Use the contact us page and request to contribute a story. If your story meets our criteria we’ll post it to the website for all to see in a more formal method than just posting to the forum.

More about news and blogs – comments are enabled for all posts! This means your questions and comments about a particular news/blog post can be attached directly to a post. No more having to create separate topics in the forums. This allows us to keep conversations about content directly attached to that very same content.

Race Team! The new website has a section dedicated to WCC 2012 race team. You can check out race reports, team bios, results, and event photos!