Our Vision Statement:

‘Create an exciting, world class mountain bike culture by engaging the community to promote and expand our local ribbon of dirt

One of Ontario’s Top MTB Destinations

The Hydrocut trail system is consistently ranked as one of the top MTB riding destinations in Ontario and is recognized across Canada for its 25 km of continuous singletrack trails with nearly 40,000 visitors per year.   The trails, managed by the Waterloo Cycling Club in agreement with the Region of Waterloo, are open and free to the public.  They feature boardwalks and bridges, switchbacks and “armoured” walls, with fast lines and technical features to challenge the most skilled of riders.

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Back in 2002 the Region of Waterloo contacted the Waterloo Cycling Club (WCC) www.waterloocyclingclub.ca to help maintain a growing network of trails in northwest Waterloo.  A group of dedicated members from the WCC, implementing sustainable principles of trails development, began to build the system of dedicated mountain bike trails through an undulating forest landscape.

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By 2009, the Region of Waterloo granted the Waterloo Cycling Club a legal stewardship agreement to manage and maintain a “WCC Trails” system which is known today by its legal trade name, “The Hydrocut”.  The Hydrocut name comes from the fact that the main trails were developed under a series of hydro power line towers that today connect the two main sections of the trails system: The landfill or Glasgow side, and the Pines or Snyder’s Road side.  We recognize and embody this unique history and feature of our trails system in our Hydrocut logo.

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Today, the WCC Trails Committee manages the operations of the trails in collaboration with the Region of Waterloo.  This volunteer committee meets on a monthly basis and provides the leadership for the design and building of new trails.  And equally important, for the ongoing maintenance, monitoring and reporting of trails usage.

The WCC Trails Committee, The Hydrocut and this website are run by the Waterloo Cycling Club.  For more information, please contact the WCC Trails Committee at info@thehydrocut.ca