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November 15, 2012

Congratulations and Thank-you Igor!

The Canadian section of the International Mountain Biking Association has named Igor for one of the 2012 X-Fusion Trail Ambassadors.

The full article can be viewed on IMBA’s website… here.

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  1. Igor

    This award has prompted an avalanche of congratulations and expressions of gratefulness for The Trails. I must remind everyone that I am just the face of the Hydrocut phenomenon, and that there is a big machinery behind the curtains. The success of the Hydrocut is rooted in the partnership of a vibrant K-W cycling community, Waterloo Cycling Club and The Region of Waterloo. The Trails are managed by the Waterloo Cycling Club’s Trail Committee; o group of fanatic trail enthusiast that all have their unique and equally important roles in feeding the Hydrocut beast.

    All the appreciation and gratitude should be directed to The Trails. The best way to do that is by obeying the Trail Rules ( http://hydrocut.ca/rules/ ) and peer pressuring your fellow cyclist to do the same. Combatting the riding in muddy conditions has been our greatest challenge lately. Lets all be a part of making the combination of mud an bikes become socially unacceptable.

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