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May 31, 2017

Hydrocut Accident Reporting Form

Firstly, we really wish none of you ever have to use this!  We have created an Accident Reporting Form for The Hydrocut, located at http://thehydrocut.ca/accident

If something does happen to you out on the trails please let  us know.  Any information you can provide may  help us make the trails better and safer.  You can tell us where it happened and even upload pictures.

We would like to remind all riders to always ride within their ablities and to use caution when encountering new sections of trail or features If unsure, get off your bike and look to determine how best to proceed”The ratings are provided as guidelines, to allow you to ride within your abilities. We also hope you can enjoy practicing, learning, and safely increasing your mountain biking skills

Our goal is to provide multiple types of moutain bike trails for riders of all abilities to enjoy!




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