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December 11, 2017

Winter Bike Riding @ TheHydrocut

Interested in fatbiking at The Hydrocut!

Sign up for the fatbiking@thehydrocut.ca email list!

This email list will be used to:

  • Post trail conditions, snow conditions, trees down on trails and when they are cleared
  • Organize snowshoeing groups periodically to pack down the trails for riding
  • Provide a convenient way for you to contact other people who are not afraid of the cold and want to get out and ride fat bikes @ The Hydrocut ( or any tire size if you are crazy enough to ride them through the snow! )

To sign up automatically, email fatbiking-join@thehydrocut.ca or contact us at info@thehydrocut.ca or via Social Media for any questions or comments.

We hope to see you out on the Trails in the Snow!!!!

Hydrocut Committee

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