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April 7, 2012

Making Unauthorized Trail Changes

The unusually early onset of the trail riding season of 2012, has also brought the nuisance of the self appointed “helpers”.  Some people probably mean well by wanting to “tidy up” the trails, but end up doing wrong things, like removing or dumbing down the natural features/obstacles. A typical example is the recent removal of the ”tight to squeeze by” rock near the end of the Stinky Girl trail.

This rock was adding so much flavour and character to the trail; it should have been obvious that it was left in place on purpose by the trail makers/maintainers.

If one doesn’t like a feature, or lacks the skill to ride it, then he/she should dismount the bike and walk over/around the feature, instead of ruining it for everyone else.

Similar “improvements” were made the log piles on the Stinky Girl and Frankenstein.  Someone added piles of sticks to the existing log piles.  The log piles are supposed to be steep and abrupt – skill building promoters.  In addition, the light, loose sticks, move around easily  and create unstable hazardous footing.

All these types of unauthorized changes will be promptly dismantled and/or reversed by the official trail maintenance crew (please see the photo in this post).

This is a nuisance for the volunteers and a wasteful use of their time.  In order to avoid such misunderstandings, please contact the work coordinators before taking on any trail “maintenance”.

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  1. Rafrider~Just Crank It!

    I’m very unhappy about that rock missing from the trail 🙁 I also noticed lots teenagers, most without helmets, riding or walking in their FR bikes with cameras and tripods roaming the forest for places to shoot videos. Had some words with a few at Kamikaze as they were riding across the actual trail which looked very dangerous to other riders and another time a bunch of those kids run off into the woods when I stopped to talk with them. Found liqour bottles, beer cans and joint butts in two places I saw these trail wreckers loiter… I removed that garbage. Hopefully the return of our riders to the trails now will reduce their chances to mess with them.

  2. Andy

    What did you do with the roaches?

  3. Igor

    Someone keeps badly rebuilding the log pile in the picture, but this tim they “used” the rocks from the nearby properly constructed rock pile. They took away rocks from a down-ramp of a big rock that can be ridden over. In addition to an awful arrogance and ignorance in dismantling one feature to (badly) construct another one (guided only by their own personal likes/dislikes) they’ve also crated a hazard in making a surprise missing down-ramp, which was in place for many years and is only visible once the rider is committed in getting over the rock. The most perplexing part is these peoples’ expectation for their “creations” to be left in place; which by the way has not a slightest chance of happening. The only thing they are achieving is tying up the volunteers time; thus delaying the proper trail improvements for everyone else.

    • Rafrider~Just Crank It!

      Which rock are you referring to Igor? I’m guessing here but my bet is it’s those bush wacking kids with their dirt jumpers. I see them more and more frequently wandering off the main trails sniffing for stuff to play on. Also, I meant to mention eralier but it slipped my mind. I rode the Twister on Sun and did the rock at the top and then about half hour later I rode that loop again and the Twister approach rock, the triangular one which you have to ride on the top edge was either replaced or turned upside down totally dummying up that feature. Sorry I didn’t stop to investigate further but I was with friends and didn’t want to split our group. Did anyone see and/or fix that? Happy Trails 🙂 JCI!!!

  4. Rafrider~Just Crank It!

    Can we get a sign of some sort stating that tampering with the trail features is not permitted and endangers riders lives and… is punishable by chain whipping?

  5. Igor

    The rock I was referring to, is the first one of the two immediately before the woopty-doo (steep drop in and out of a canal) on the East edge of Frankenstein.

    Yes, I noticed the one on the Twister was tempered with too.

    Imagine if everyone was free to change things to their own liking, what would the trails end up looking like? Even if the unauthorized change was an improvement, we can’t let it stay cause it would be a bad precedent. The only way a change can stick is to put it through a proper decision making process of the WCC trail Committee: http://waterloocyclingclub.ca/contact

    • Igor

      Now they’ve just kicked the rocks apart out of spite. I’ve already rebuild the feature and will keep rebuilding it. If they are persistent they will make me get a whole crew out to replace the rocks with huge boulders.

      It is very interesting though that this person’s meddling with the trails reveals that he/she is riding daily; thus enjoying the trails quite a bit, but with a complete lack of appreciation for the people that made and maintain the trails.

  6. Krisztian

    My friend and I did come across some big log pile “built” on one of the trails closer to the parking lot I believe it was “Monkey Boy” but I am not 100% sure. It was pretty tall and right at the bottom of a downhill section so you are coming around pretty fast when you hit it, no chance to even get ready for it. We’ve barely made it through without wiping out.
    The next time we came to ride on the trails it was not there anymore, so I assume it was one of those unauthorized modifications. I was going to post something about it on this forum but since it was taken out already I guess I wasn’t the only one found it a bit too big.
    On my last few rides on the HydroCut I did see an increased number of people wondering around, standing around, there were also a large group of kids without helmets or proper bikes roaming the trails last week.

  7. Igor

    And now “they” took out the log that was in a right hand swoop near the end of the Stinky Girl. This was a fun log to ride over, but “they” kept trying to make it “easier” by adding sticks and stones to it. Since we dismantled all those shabby builds, I guess “they” took a liberty to take the log out all together.

    Imagine if everyone would take out the parts that they didn’t like; before long the whole place would be turned in to a featureless community trail.

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