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April 15, 2012

Huge Success on the First Trail Day!

Our first Trail Day of 2012 was kicked off with looming clouds and a chance for rain.  We successfully re-routed the washed out and rutted downhill run to the “big rock” on  Adam’s Run.  Our main goal was to create a more direct line up with the aforementioned rock to give riders of all abilities a clear line of sight, during approach, to choose to launch off or steer around the rock.  Well, we managed to accomplish that and add some extra sweeping trail back and forth to make use of some available forest.

A special thanks to ALL the volunteers who showed up with enthusiasm and tools to do the deed.  Dare we say that we have set a precedent with the early/on time finish?!  Much thanks to King Street Cycles for the BBQ grub for post work fuel. Way to go everyone!


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  1. Rafrider~Just Crank It!

    Or we could just have a later start, that way I could get some sleep LOL 🙂 It was a really fun day 🙂 The modified route and especially the new sweet approach to the Adam’s Run big boulder feature kicks ass! JCI!!!

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