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    Can anyone tell me if metal detecting is allowed on these trails?


    Steven Stillaway

    Hi DirtFishing,

    The trails are mostly open to walking, and if you choose to walk with a metal detector that is not really a problem, but a few points.

    The trails are closed to walking when it is wet and muddy in the spring.

    The Expert trails and steep downhills are closed to walking all year. Walking causes errosion on these trails, and bikes are moving very fast on Expert downhill sections and we do not want collisions with hikers.

    I would take extra caution if you are using a metal detector to watch out for bikes. Some detectors use headphones and that is probably not a good idea as you won’t hear other people. You should also keep your eyes up and look for bikes and not look down.

    The only other problem I see, is if you do find something please don’t go digging big holes in our trails and re-fill what you do dig.

    When we are out building trails we find a lot of old and strange things out in these forests, but never anything really valuable. Lots of old broken bike parts too!

    – Steven
    Hydrocut Committee



    Thanks for the info. I don’t anticipate finding anything on the trail itself, but probably off to the side. At any rate, yes I would definitely fill in my holes.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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