There are two parking lots.  Make sure you know where your ride starts.  It’s probably the Glasgow Parking Lot , but if you get it wrong, it’s a long ride to the other lot.

Glasgow Parking Lot (Main Lot)

The Glasgow Parking Lot is where you probably want to go to meet people or start group rides.

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The Pines Parking Lot

This is also referred to as the Snyders Road Parking Lot.  It’s a great way to get directly to the Pines trails, but not the typical meeting spot.  It provides the best winter access.

There is an extremely dangerous rail crossing on the road leading to the Pines Parking Lot of The Hydrocut.  This crossing was the site of a fatal accident.  The Pines Parking Lot is accessed off Snyders road in Petersburg (not the Glasgow Parking Lot).

The WCC strongly recommends that the following rules be adhered to:

  1. All vehicles must come to a complete stop before crossing the railroad tracks which cross the trail access road immediately south of the trailhead parking lot.
  2. After stopping, all drivers of vehicles must roll down the driver’s side window and then deliberately look to the west and the east up and down the railroad tracks to confirm that no trains are using the railroad tracks in the proximity of the trail access road.
  3. Vehicles may only pass across the railroad tracks after steps 1 and 2 are complete and the driver has verified with complete certainty that no trains are using the railroad tracks in the proximity of the trail access road.”

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