40,000! That’s how many times people visited The Hydrocut in 2014.

How do we know?

The WCC Trail Committee purchased and installed electronic trail counters to acquire traffic patterns and counts.  The counters have been in place for several years now and what we see is amazing. If you’d like to see the trends, peaks, and best times to ride, you can see the data for yourself.

Counter Location and Technology

The counters are installed in two sites. But we don’t necessarily want to say where! Both counter boxes have been vandalized in the past.  Fortunately, the counters inside were spared. If you happen to notice a counter please feel free to take a look but please no tampering. These units are licensed to the WCC and are non-functional without docking hardware (for retrieving data) and a licensed software key.

The purpose of the counters is to provide data to support further development and maintenance of our trails. The contents of the enclosure are licensed and have no value to anyone wishing to steal them.  They also will not function without docking hardware which is not located in the enclosure.

If anyone would like to know more about “what’s inside those boxes”, send an email to info@thehydrocut.ca we will be happy to explain in

Ride lots, ride safe and enjoy the trails!