The Hydrocut Code


1. Don’t Ride Muddy Trails

Muddy Trails

This is Rule #1. It is one of the greatest threats to the health and well being of our trail system. Wet & soft soil + tires & boots = soil displacement. Displaced soil = erosion. Erosion = trail closure. If it is damp enough that your tires leave tread marks then please do not ride the trails.

2. Stay on Designated Single Track Trails


 The trails are all single track and uni-directional.   Any wide trails are meant ONLY for service vehicles. Double track ATV trails are illegal. ATV trails are not maintained, are unsafe, erosion prone, and detrimental to the forest. Some ATV trails lead to private land where the public is unwelcome. Trespassing on private land will generate opposition to the public trail system.

3. Do Not Alter Trails


Leave it to the Professionals. There is an official plan for trails development with the addition of “features” and management of traffic flow. Unauthorized alterations such as short-cuts, log piles, rocks, etc. will promptly be removed.  “Rogue” trail development creates unnecessary work for the volunteers and diverts resources from genuine trail improvements. If you have new ideas for a trail or see a section or feature in need of maintenance, contact the Trail Committee at

4. Do not litter


Carry out what you carried in. Disposable water bottles, cans, wrappers, flat tubes don’t belong in a forest. And why not pay it forward…if you find litter left by others…throw it in your pocket and toss it where it belongs when you get home. Thanks!

5. Skid In Your Shorts, Not On The Trails

Mountain-biking Skid

Skidding shows poor riding technique and damages the trails.

6. Wear A Lid

Helmet Sign

Riding cross-country trails without a helmet is just plain reckless and shows disrespect to landowners. A rider without a helmet is inviting trouble and bad trails publicity.

7. Stay In Control

Raf Rider 1

Ride within your ability. Especially if you are new to mountain biking or The Hydrocut. Trails range from “Moderate” to “Double Black Diamond” with some log and rock features that require practice to master. There is always a choice, with two paths, one to try the feature and one to ride around it.

8. Easy Around Corners

mountainbike on trails

There are all types of riders as well as walkers and runners on the trails. Anticipate that other trails users may be around corners or in blind spots. Mishaps will hurt those involved and cause trail closures.

9. Go WITH The Flow


The Hydrocut is a busy urban trail system. To move the traffic as smoothly as possible, ALL trails have been designated ONE WAY ONLY. Hikers and runners are encouraged to travel the opposite way for easier spotting of approaching cyclists.

10. Respect The Forest

The Forest

The forest is a precious environmentally sensitive oasis. The health of the forest takes priority over trails’ existence. A damaged forest is a damaged cyclist/hiker reputation.